Thank you for your booking!

We will confirm your booking via email shortly

Please ensure that you have given us 1 day advance notice

 - We accept CASH payments -

You can pay in ADVANCE through Zelle if preferred as below: 

Our Zelle linked email address for payments is -

* Due to a recent uptick in last-minute cancellations, we would appreciate it if you can pay a small holding deposit

of $150 to confirm that your booking is definite please - through Zelle as above.

You can pay the balance in cash to your goddess on arrival.


  • bookings with too short advance notice will receive no response from us - we require minimum 1 day advance notice please

  • please do not use alias names or initials on your booking form 

  • cancellations are NEVER appreciated - please understand that we reserve the goddesses's time for you for that time slot - please don't make bookings that you don't intend keeping - bookings that are cancelled once already confirmed by us will require FULL payment  

  • at NO TIME is intercourse an option or available in our sessions - please DO NOT ask! 

  • at all times respect the personal boundaries of your goddess 

  • No dress-up or fetish requests of any kind will be entertained at anytime - kindly procure the services of an escort should you desire such services 

  • we place a strong emphasis on your good health/hygiene and that of our goddesses - please take a hot shower before the goddess arrives (during these Covid-times, additional stringent hygiene practices will be employed - including goddesses and clients wearing masks if that is your preference)

  • bar a few exceptions, at almost all hotels you will be required to collect the goddess discreetly downstairs once she has called your room from her mobile on arrival - we never go to reception to contact you 

  • please be assured of the very best service and the utmost discretion from our goddesses at all times