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The sense of touch is a central part of the human condition and is known as one of the earliest forms of communication. Being touched by another person is accepted by both our neurology and physiology, but has the most profound effect on our psychology. Human intimacy goes hand in hand with affection, love and closeness, and all of these components are vital when it comes to bonding with others. Creating relationships with other people is paramount to our survival, but feeling cared for and loved is vital for our happiness. This is where sensual massages come into the picture.

Where did Tantra start?

The ancient Hindu practice of Tantra is where more erotic massages originated from. Although Tantra dates back to 5AD, it is still practiced today by people across the world for various reasons. Tantra is primarily a spiritual practice, although most people wrongfully brand it as purely sexual. It is designed to reconnect the mind, body and soul and to moderate the bodies’ chakras (energies).

Its popularly spread across the world, giving birth to a similar adaptation right across Asia. Other Tantric style massages, such as the Nuru were created as a result of this new Asian hybrid, but all erotic massages remain the same in principle.

Why were they created?

Like our earliest ancestors thousands of years ago, seeking physical pleasure is part of our biology. It’s a natural instinct. However, giving and receiving pleasure is often regarded as a taboo subject of discussion regardless of its natural foundation. But this is why sensual massages were created; to provide people with an open, non-judgmental environment where they could receive pleasure without being criticised. This safe environment enables the body and mind to fully relax in a way that regular massages do not. The mind can remain calm, meaning stress and anxiety levels are dramatically decreased and blood circulation and breathing is improved.

As the body becomes more sexually aroused, sensual messages are transmitted from the skin and erogenous areas, telling the brain that we are safe. As a result, hormones such as oxytocin, testosterone and progesterone are released which induce the feeling of happiness and also encourage the muscles to relax. Ultimately, the mind falls into an almost euphoric, non-present state where it is able to completely switch off and regenerate. For centuries, and still to this day, sensual massages are still described as modern day medicine.

Why are they sexual?

Erotic massages incorporate gentle, loving touch with sexual stimulation to create a beautiful hybrid of pleasure. Sensual massages are designed to gradually build arousal, but also endeavour to prolong pleasure by purposefully delaying orgasms. This technique has many physically healthy benefits, but it’s also great for balancing the bodies’ chakras. The primary male and female chakras (Shakti and Shiva) are the energies responsible for processing pleasure. Biologically, women are exposed to more levels than men, but sensual massages teach men to extend and lengthen pleasure which enables them to experience greater, more intense orgasms and pleasure. Ultimately, sensual massages are sexual because experiencing physical pleasure is actually good for the body.

Be a part of history and get an erotic massage

Fundamentally, sensual messages aim to encourage a holistic release, whether it be mentally, physically or spiritually, and the existent of all three actually complement one another. Whether you’re searching for the ultimate relaxing experience or just want one hell of an orgasm, Sensual massages do not disappoint. If you’re in Las Vegas or plan on visiting soon, then please go to our Hot Vegas Touch sensual massage BOOK ONLINE page now and make your booking today.. We are the No.1 service in town for couples sensual massage in Vegas..

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